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“Can you imagine what it is like when people assume that you couldn’t do that job, or that you shouldn’t participate in that event, or you couldn’t understand that concept? That’s what it is often like for people like me with a disability.

Sadly, many people focus on the disability and not the person or their potential.

I am proud to dedicate most of my time to being an advocate for people with a disability. Thank you so much for taking on the challenge For Fitness Sake! It is really great to know that you are fighting for the rights of people with a disability alongside me!”

Leigh is a dynamic young man with an incredible zest for life. Everyone who meets Leigh is left with a sense of excitement as his enthusiasm is very contagious.

He is a real people person, a born performer and one of the most generous people you could meet.

Leigh also has Down syndrome. Some people may think this would prove to be a barrier to achieving goals like: getting your drivers license, living independently and gaining your dream job as a public presenter.

But Leigh has overcome all these barriers. He loves public speaking and was MC at his brother’s wedding and his mother’s 60th birthday. “He did such a great job. I am so proud,” says Leigh’s mum Diane, beaming with pride.

Leigh was also the spokesperson for the House with No Steps Independent Living Support Initiative, which assisted five people who require skill building in a variety of individual areas to get them ready for independent living.

Leigh really wants to have his own place. To do this he needs to focus on financial management skills like being able to read utility bills, use the ATM and budget. He is also learning about general cleaning, cooking, how to navigate public transport and importantly, how to expand his social networks.

Leigh was first introduced to House with No Steps when he attended our post school services. He then worked as a supported employee in our manufacturing business where he gained many essential job skills that contributed to his successful move to open employment.

He is also passionate about cooking. Nothing brings him more joy than cooking for his family and friends. His greatest joy is giving to others. “My expertise is the BBQ. I wear the apron and usually have a beer in my hand,” Leigh says with a hearty laugh.

By participating in For Fitness Sake, YOU are giving Leigh the opportunity to overcome his barriers. Thank you!